Nanaimo Velodrome Association

The need for speed.

We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with the Nanaimo Velodrome Association to help brand their new organization and be a part of such an amazing cause. By bringing in a UCI sanctioned indoor track, our beautiful Nanaimo will be put on the map for track cycling and provide a hub for international teams to stay and train, as well as compete year around. This influx in tourism will provide a nice bump in the local hotel chains, as well as all the other tourism circles of the area.

For the logo itself, we really wanted to incorporate as much meaning as possible, while keeping it simple. We wanted to stay away from the traditional “track” oval or the common stadium clipart that plagues this industry. The striped pattern represents the wood planks used to sheet a velodrome, the range of colors representing the multiculturism of world cycling, and the rounded shape to mimic both the famous corners of a bike track as well as the wheels of a bike and to add a sense of motion. The colors needed to be bold and stand for something so we used green – for the plentiful green of the Island, blue – the blue sky we see so often here, dark blue – the ocean surrounding us, light orange – energy, orange – youthfulness and red – for the passion. The strong, capitalized sans serif characters give a clean, strong finish, helping to solidify the strength of the mark.

At the end of the day, we wanted this project to feel similar to what it means to ride a bike: fun, exciting and simple.

Stay tuned for more progress as we develop the responsive website and marketing material coming soon!

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