Nanaimo Nightwings

With the increased popularity of competitive Quidditch in the NCAA, made famous by the Netflix documentary “Mudbloods”, it was only a matter of time before the sport grew on Vancouver Island. Original design options pre Red Fox were done with clipart which consisted of a squiggly dragon silhouette.

In order for the sport and team to gain more credibility, a new professional sports logo was designed with a menacing dragon, as well as incorporating the famous “Golden Snitch” to tie in the sport with the dragon. Once the logo was created, a custom font for the team was made, including numbers which would be for the jerseys. Then, a full team kit was designed for both home and away games which are darker or lighter depending on the location of the match.

Currently the team website is being finished, as the team grows in numbers and audience. Stay tuned for the new team site coming soon!

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