Charles David Yachts hits the high seas; virtually, of course! | Red Fox Creative

Charles David Yachts hits the high seas; virtually, of course!

When Charles David Yachts came to us, they were in dire of need of an upgrade, not just for their website, but their business as a whole. The current site they had was long since outdated, difficult to navigate as well as find items, and overall, just didn’t represent what the company did, which was sell upscale, high end yachts.


The initial phase of the product was to figure out what the competition had available, what was the main usage for the site, and how to drive traffic as quickly as possible to the vessels they wanted. After searching high and low, it was apparent that this would indeed set the company years ahead of any competition not only in the area, but in the boating community. We got to know Charles (the owner), his company and what he was after in a site that represented his vision, but also his attention to class and upscale clientele.

First thing we did design wise is create a background video showcasing some yachting in action, using video was the best way to take the plainness of the old site and really bring it to life. From there, big bold use of images took the place of the text as well as the need to use too much text, let the gorgeous imagery speak for itself. We also added a simple to find featured vessel call to action so visitors can quickly get to the latest listing in a very hot, competitive market. The biggest complaint from clients on the existing site was the lack of organization between vessel sizes, types and availability. We broke it down into vessel types, sizes and only available vessels would display, allowing clients the ability to know exactly what the current stock was available, eliminating visitor frustration, and ultimately, increasing sales for CDY.


Since the upgrade, Charles David Yachts has seen a dramatic increase in sale conversions in a much shorter time with the new, organized listings and brand recognition. We are thrilled to see a project speak for itself. It was a pleasure working with a great local company and being able to help them succeed.