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Another Vancouver Island Law Site Goes Live

When Alinea approached us with their idea we were super excited, not only about the project, but the client’s wish to go completely against the norm and create a really visually intriguing look. After a couple rounds of talks with the client, we came up with an interesting, yet easy to follow look that not only allows visitors to notice how different it is right away, but still allows the demographic to find information and not get distracted with the layout.

For the brand, we kept it simple, with just a few trace elements of style to make the typical alinea symbol be recognizable yet different. Alinea (pronounced Ah-lin-ee-ah) is the formatting symbol for a new paragraph, which looks like a backwards ā€œPā€ with two stems. It means a fresh train of thought or a new start. Originally, the client didn’t want many colors, but after getting to know the client, and the feeling they wanted to evoke on the website, we came up the the color scheme, and the rest just fell into place.



In addition to the layout, we integrated a custom matching booking system, state of the art photo rendering technology to speed up load times and out of the box style for the typical law genre, something we’re really proud about. It’s always a win to push the envelope/stereotype of a specific genre or profession so we were almost as excited as the client. Almost.