Alinea Legal Coaching

Pushing The Envelope

Alinea approached us with a couple clear ideas: 1- They wanted to stand out in the usual law world visually utilizing the alinea symbol in their logo. 2- They wanted a non-traditional layout for their website. Since this is a new type of legal business in its infancy, we wanted to make a big splash, both in terms of the presence, and the colors. For the branding, we used a fresher interpretation of the typical alinea symbol to help give it some individuality and represent the cutting edge modern feel of what the company does. We ended up opting for nice bright vibrant colors that weren’t too in your face, but hard not to notice.

For the website, the client wanted “a movie script” feel to it, so we threw caution to the wind and created a modern, minimal abstract work of art in terms of the layout, complete with accents that move with the page flow, directing the eye, and all the usual Red Fox touches of top coding practices, image rendering techniques (to help ease load time on different devices), and seo ready construction to help put a new start up on the map from the get go

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